Is there a maximum number of flights that can be stored/visualized?

No, there is no defined maximum number. As the number of flights increases the performance of the globe view start to decrease though. YourFlights has been tested with up to 10,000 flights on the globe with satisfactory performance.

I cannot find airport ‘XYZ’ – what can I do?

You can search for airports in three different ways: name of the airport itself, name of the municipality or IATA code. If you cannot find an airport straight away, try to search with all three different methods. Please note that the airport database only includes airports with valid IATA codes. If you believe there is an airport missing please contact us.

I would like to edit an existing flight – what should I do?

Currently it is not possible to edit a flight that was stored already. The only way to change the flight is to delete it and to add a new flight.