YourFlights Features

YourFlights is an iOS app that allows you to visualize and analyze flights.

Interactive Globe
Visualize all your flights on a beautiful and interactive globe. You can freely rotate the globe, zoom in and out.
Easy Import
You can easily import flights from or Just export the data and open the CSV file with YourFlights.
Extensive Statistics
How far have you flown? How many airports have you been to?
Offline functionality
The app does not require internet connectivity. All flights can be added even when you are on the go and offline.
Airport database
The app comes with an extensive airport database of more than 8,500 airports.
FREE for up to 10 flights
You can download the app for free and enter or import up to 15 flights. If you would like to add more flights, just simply buy a suitable Premium Option via In-App purchase.



Frequent travelers, statistics lovers, globe trotters and people that just enjoy flying are using YourFlights all around the world.

I love traveling and find it always very exciting to add another flight to my globe!

Nabila E.



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